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Text the code: BIDMC to 617-580-3050 or click the link below to sign up for parenting communications!

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center offers a free email service in which you can follow your baby’s development and links you to local services and online resources! The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center ParentCare email service includes information tailored to your week of pregnancy and then the age of your newborn. Before your baby is born, you will receive weekly emails about your changing body and your growing baby. Since all of the information you receive is carefully written and overseen by our practitioners at the medical center, you can be sure that the information is accurate.

BIDMC Childbirth Education & Tours

Classes include:

  • The Parent Connection: This free tour of the hospital includes a visit to the labor and delivery department as well as the postpartum area. Participants will be able to see where to park and how to enter the hospital as well as have the opportunity to ask questions and see the units. FREE
  • Childbirth Education Class & Tour: This 4 hour comprehensive class is designed to provide first-time parents with the information and skills needed to be active participants in the labor and birth process. Topics covered are the stages of labor, breathing and relaxation, epidurals and pain medicine, c-section delivery, birth and postpartum. A tour of the unit is included in this class. $125
  • Infant Care Class (Including CPR/Safety): This 3 hour interactive class gives new parents the opportunity to learn and practice infant care skills and includes a segment where participants learn infant CPR and choking safety. Participants can choose to get the take home CPR kit to have additional family members learn CPR or can choose to not get the kit. $90 with kit, $60 without kit
  • Infant CPR/Choking Safety: In this 1 hour class, participants learn infant CPR and choking safety using the American Heart Association’s Infant CPR Anytime Program. Participants can choose to get the take home CPR kit to have additional family members learn CPR or can choose to not get the kit. $55 with kit, $30 without kit
  • Labor & Childbirth, Newborn Care, Infant CPR/Safety and Tour Combination: In this comprehensive all day class, participants will have the opportunity to combine the Childbirth Education class and the Infant Care/CPR class in a 1 day event and also includes a hospital tour. Participants can choose to get the take home CPR kit to have additional family members learn CPR or can choose to not get the kit. $220 with kit, $190 without kit
  • Breastfeeding Class: This 2 hour class is designed to provide new parents with the information needed to successfully start breastfeeding. $50
  • Advanced Breathing and Comfort Techniques Class: This 1.5 hour class is meant to complement a Childbirth Preparation class and allows parents the opportunity to explore more in depth breathing, relaxation and comfort strategies to help prepare you for delivery. $30
  • Refresher Childbirth Class and Tour: This 2 hour class is for those parents who have already had a child and would like a refresher on information about the comfort strategies of childbirth and also includes a hospital tour. $50
  • Preparing for your Cesarean Delivery and Tour: This 1.5 hour class is for those parents who are going to be delivered by a planned cesarean section. Topics include what to expect for preparation, the procedure and recovery, and also includes a hospital tour. $30
  • Sibling Class: This 1.5 hour class is geared towards children ages 3 to 7 and helps to prepare them for the arrival of their new sibling. $25 for 1st child, $10 per additional child
  • Anesthesia for Childbirth: This seminar features a question & answer session with a BIDMC Anesthesiologist. Sessions are held on the last Thursday of February, May, August & November (3rd Thursday) from 6:15pm-7:15pm in the Trustman Boardroom (East Campus, Feldberg Building entrance, Stoneman 2). Please call 518-331-5867 to register.
  • BIDMC Hospital Tours: You can sign up for a tour of Beth Israel Labor and Delivery. Virtual tours on their website are also available.

BIDMC Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is usually best for your baby. The nurses at BIDMC will help you get started. There are daily breastfeeding classes at BIDMC after you deliver and lactation consultants are available to you if needed. 617-667-5765

Postpartum Depression

Call your Doctor. She will help connect you with appropriate services and care.

  • BIDMC Department of Social Work – Clinical social workers with expertise in postpartum adjustment provide information, referral and counseling. 617-667-3421
  • Postpartum Support International – Caring, support and resources for mothers and families. 866-472-1897
  • Jewish Family and Children’s Services – Services focus on the early infant-parent relationship. 781-693-5652
  • The Freedman Center Interface Referral Service – Free referrals to perinatal support groups and psychotherapists with perinatal expertise. 888-244-6843
  • The Freedman Center Interface Referral Service – A free service to first-time parents at BIDMC, connecting you with experienced parents who can provide support. 617-667-BABY (2229)

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Be aware of the signs and symptoms of postpartum health issues.

Welcoming a new baby into the home can be a joyful and exciting time. It can also be overwhelming and exhausting. People can experience a range of emotions following delivery, including the very typical, very common “baby blues.” Less frequently, mental health issues can develop in the postpartum period that should be evaluated by a mental health professional. About 13% of people experience emotional difficulties after giving birth that could benefit from treatment.

All parents are vulnerable to emotional difficulties after delivery. Those at increased risk include people who have suffered from depression or anxiety during the pregnancy or before, those who live in high-stress environments, or those who don’t have enough emotional, social, or economic support. Sleep deprivation as well as hormonal and genetic factors also contribute to postpartum mental health issues.

It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of postpartum mental health issues and to get help if needed. When these issues are recognized, evaluated, and treated early by skilled, caring health professionals, there is usually a full recovery within weeks.


 Nurture By NAPS

Nurture by NAPS (formerly Boston NAPS) guides families through pregnancy and parenting with classes, support groups and its membership service. NAPS is run by a highly qualified team of medical professionals, led by registered nurses with labor & delivery experience, who are also moms!


Services include:

  • Pre-Baby Bootcamp (use code BOSTONOBGYN100 to save $100)
  • Prenatal Classes – Including Infant & Child CPR, Newborn Essentials, L&D Prep, C-Section Prep, Labor Scenarios
  • Support Groups – including New Mom, Veteran Mom, Working Mom, and Breastfeeding (Free!)
  • Day and Overnight Care
  • Membership: Join for tons of ongoing support & Information
  • Listen to their Podcast “Unswaddled” or read the blog for more information!

Call the Nurture by NAPS at 857-496-5095 or email [email protected].

The Parent Connection

The Parent Connection is a network of experienced parents who are carefully selected and trained to serve as resources for new parents. Parents who join the program are paired with a Parent Connection volunteer, who is available to discuss concerns and answer questions about your baby and parenting issues, such as bathing, soothing and feeding. Just as important, Parent Connection volunteers are there for you, caring about your well-being and offering you emotional support.

In addition to phone support, the Parent Connection offers support groups and ongoing educational seminars in the community. Parent Connection support groups give parents the opportunity to meet other parents in their community, share experiences, questions and challenges. Groups meet in Dedham and Lexington locations and are offered free of charge.

Call the Parent Connection office at 617-667-2229 for start dates and to register.

Jewish Family and Children’s Services

Home and community-based services aim to help parents build responsive relationships with their child, reduce sources of stress in the family and strengthen core life skills that help individuals plan, regulate emotions and develop greater self-awareness.

Services include:

  • Home Visiting for New Parents
  • Parent and Parent-Child Therapy
  • Parent and Sleep Consultation
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Support for Premature/Medically Fragile Infants
  • Support for Substance Exposed Newborns
  • Young Parent Support

Call the Parent Connection office at 781-647-JFCS (5327).

Jessica Foley, MA, LMHC, LLC

Licensed psychotherapist with special expertise in treating an array of women’s issues including:

  • Reproductive health challenges
  • Infidelity
  • Postpartum anxiety & depression
  • Chronic illness
  • Eating issues
  • Anxiety & depression

Call Jessica Foley at 617-877-0071 or email [email protected].

Cord Blood Donation

Your baby is special and could help save a life! Many people are in need of a bone marrow transplant to treat diseases such as lymphoma or leukemia. Finding a match is not always possible. The blood that remains in your baby’s umbilical cord contains valuable cells that can be used for bone marrow transplant. Patients who are unable to find a match in their families or communities may find a match with cord blood and with it a potential cure. BIDMC is now the 3rd collection site for public umbilical cord blood donation in New England! Donating is free, easy and safe for mom and baby. Mothers must be willing to consent to collection and must also fill out forms to have blood drawn within 48 hours of delivery. All mothers must fill out the health questionnaire, sign the consent to donate and sign the consent to research use if unit is not usable for transplant to be eligible. Please use the following link for more information and to find the necessary forms.

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